Sunday, September 18, 2011

From my personal BLOG.

-this was copied from MY blog post which i wanted you guys to read-

You just don't know how to be a friend. Honestly.

Fucking appreciate it when you're cherished as a friend, when you're considered agreat friend.

There is something called sentimental value. Not everything needs a reason. Not everything needs to be completely beneficial for you. How god forsaking selfish of you.

Yes. Selfish. If you don't think you are, then stop suddenly revealing that nearly non-existent 'but I think about it' side just as soon as you're being accused of this selfishness.

Funny how when you're asked by someone ELSE... You're quick to say 'yes' IMMEDIATELY no matter the cost/expense (which you thoroughly complain about when I step into the picture, or invite you somewhere.)

You won't even realise the day when you were being used by the rest. Good luck finding that shoulder to lean on in the future.

BTW - You're probably too caught up with grinding on an Attack + 7 Weapon Attack Scrolled - DOUBLE HANDED SWORD and succumbing to the deteriorating stains of your precious sedentary/TAFE failing/gaming life to even take a look at this blog which I have tried so hard [countless times] to get you to read.

Have you even visited the last two Youtube accounts that I tried to hard to get popular with? Y'know, my films? You wouldn't even look at them. You're just thinking 'oh, it wouldn't benefit me so what's the point' or 'It's just a waste of my time' or 'I'm busy with picking up Year 9 high school girls.'

How about my website? Again, this blog? You've never even asked me about my life or how I'm doing. You didn't even try comforting me when my brother was giving me the shits - when I was screaming through the phone that day. All you want to know is what will make you happy and what will benefit yourself. Do you even try finding out what makes a person happy? How to cheer someone up? Yeah, that's stuff you learn when you decide to make friends... In Kindergarten.

Another small point (but in no means insignificant) that I'd like to question you:

"What the hell is getting you telling me 'I don't want to know about it, don't involve me.' when I ask for help/assistance?"


CARE FOR OTHERS (that aren't fucken Japanese Idol Masters, Seiyuus (anime voice actors), Korean pop stars, petite small girls or yourself). Be. My. Friend.

You also stole my art ideas... But it doesn't matter because you made lame manga/anime versions which don't even look right to begin with.

Do you care about me as a friend? Am I boring to you? Are you envious of me? Jealous? Tired? Annoyed?

What is it?

Fix. It.

Can't you accept change? Is it that I have a beautiful girlfriend? That I've actually matured? That you're a 19 year old MAN who plays games all day... Fails in a musical career you can't even live up to... EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW YOU NEED ALL THE HELP YOU CAN GET; THAT YOU NEED TO WORK INCREDIBLY HARD TO SUCCEED IN?

Speaking of which... You ask me to help you so... So dearly... Yet you don't even -wait for it- fucken accept my help.

What. Is. It?

I don't even know.

And I will never know.

Because you are one stubborn motherfucker jones.